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Lone worker Safety

lone worker safety with a smartphone Lone Worker Safety is now a key recommendation of Government and lone worker safety solutions used by organisations should have a dedicated response for lone workers 24 x 7 x 365.

Astraline specialise in tailored lone worker protection services to provide the best Lone Worker Safety solution for your team. There are several factors which may dictate the ideal lone worker safety in your specific circumstance including cost, accessibility, and dependability.

Astraline currently offer the following Lone Worker Safety Services:

Service 1: SMS Based Text System

Requires no specialist equipment. Lone Worker Safety is managed by the user sending a text message with their location and the duration of the visit. This very cost effective Lone Worker Safety system can also be used to raise a “panic alarm”.

Service 2: Integrated Voice Response (IVR) System

The Lone Worker calls a free phone number to leave details of location and duration of visit. This system is ideal in areas where mobile phone coverage is limited and the lone worker can use client or office landlines with no call costs.

Service 3: GPS Tracking System

Using the latest GPS tracking systems, lone worker safety is ensured as the lone worker is tracked by satellite and can raise a safety alarm at any time. This system requires an application to be downloaded onto a users smartphone and requires no separate device.

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What is Lone Worker Safety?woman answering the phone

Lone Worker Safety relates to the safety of those working independently of others. A Lone Worker is simply somebody who spends part of their time, or all of their time, working on their own. It you are working alone, whether self-employed or working for somebody else then you are classed as a lone worker. Lone workers can include:

  • Employees working away from their normal base such as transport and repair work
  • Working outside normal hours – such as night security staff or an early morning office cleaner
  • Mobile workers – such as salespeople
  • Home Workers
  • Small businesses situations, such a shop staffed by one lone worker some of the time

Lone Worker Safety for Employees

If you employ lone workers, you have the same health and safety responsibilities for their health and safety as for any other employees. You may, however, need to take extra precautions to ensure that lone workers are at no greater risk than your other employees. See the page in this guide on your responsibilities to lone workers.

Lone Worker Safety for the Self-employed

As a self-employed person you have a duty to protect your own health and safety. If you’re self-employed and you work alone, this means you must identify and minimise any risks that working alone involves.