Our Personal Service

Astraline Personal provides products and services to help family and friends retain independence, continue living in your home, and provide some peace of mind to loved ones that help is close by, if ever needed.

Some of our customers who’ve had falls will be making their way back to full independence, others have progressive conditions that will require more help as time goes by. Regardless of your need, essentially this equipment works in the same way, making the calls that matters and getting 24 hour help when you need it most.

Sometimes the hardest part is to have that converstation. Below we have provided some helpful tips to help you approach the subject. Once you have had the conversation, we will help you find the right solution for your loved one and your budget.

Having a difficult conversation with loved ones

We would always suggest that anyone considering monitoring equipment or care line services should discuss the options together. Nobody wants to lose their independence and denial towards finding yourself in a more vulnerable situation is perfectly normal.

It doesn’t need to be a big scary formal meeting; when sitting down together for a chat we would suggest keeping the following things in mind.


Many people wait as long as they can ignoring their own, or others deterioration (after all age comes to us all!) Prevention is far better than cure, and independence monitoring equipment could keep you safer, and independent for longer.



talk to others


Share any concerns together - you’ll probably be able to guess a lot of each-others worries, saying them out loud can help.




We promise that these devices are easy to use! However, if you need a bit of support we can help and guide you through any technical queries.


Man and shield icon

Did you know our equipment isn’t just used by the elderly or vulnerable? This equipment is about safety. Discreet emergency push buttons are used in shops and banks in the event of a robbery, GPS equipment is used to monitor parcels as they travel to customers’ homes, lone worker equipment is used by the emergency services and support workers while on their jobs. 


24 hours


Our services are 24 hr. Many people feel isolated at night and worry about disturbing family and friends. Our dedicated staff are available to offer fast help whatever the time of day *99% are answered within 60 seconds




We are all used to seeing safety equipment in its many forms, from smoke detectors to first aid kits. We want to encourage customers in early stages of an illness or those facing temporary life changes to see these products as ‘just in case’. There should be no stigma in having a device that could help you, if ever needed.




For those struggling emotionally with changes, consider seeking support, whether it be from AgeUK or a specialist charity (depending on the condition you’re facing). Sharing the problems with others in similar situations can be very helpful. You’re not alone.