Living with Multiple Sclerosis

David* was diagnosed with MS over 10 years ago, and uses our Local Responder Service to give him peace of mind that help is available, day and night, whenever he needs it.

David Smith (aged 57)*

“I have had MS for about 10 years. I still work full time from home, and I live on my own in a very quiet area. After many falls at home, I decided to use Astraline’s services. It wasn’t expensive so I thought I would give it a try.

Not long after, I was in the bathroom and I slipped on the wet floor and fell over. I tried to get back up, but because the floor was wet and slippy, I couldn’t get any grip and I couldn’t get up. I started to panic and realised that I was in real trouble. Then, I remembered I was wearing my pendant from Astraline. I’d never, ever taken it off, so I’d forgotten it was there. Within a few seconds somebody answered and asked me if I was ok. They said that someone would be with me soon, and they called for an ambulance as I had hurt my leg.

It’s been several years since that incident and I’ve fallen over many, many times. But it doesn’t worry me too much because if I fall, whatever the time of day or night, I just press my alarm and I know someone will be there to help. I’ve tripped over, fallen down the stairs, collapsed on the street outside my house and even fallen out of bed and I’ve jut had to press the little button around my neck and help is on it’s way.

Just because I’m now disabled doesn’t mean that my life is over, and with the help of my little pendant and Astraline, there’s definitely still some active time ahead of me.”

*Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of our customers.

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