Case studies

Real stories of how we have helped our customers.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis

David* was diagnosed with MS over 10 years ago, and uses our Local Responder Service to give him peace of mind that help is available, day and night, whenever he needs it.

Living with a heart condition

Amy* has a heart condition and takes medication regularly throughout the day. Astraline has helped her look after her health and wellbeing and stay independent.

Staying fit and healthy

Graham* wants to stay active but he often worries about his health. Our digital devices, with GPS technology, gives him the confidence to explore the great outdoors and keep doing what he loves.

Life after a stroke

After Alice's* husband had a stroke, he lost some of his speech and mobility. Since investing in Astraline's services they now have the confidence to live independently in their own home.

What we do

When you become a customer of Astraline you automatically receive access to our 24-hour emergency response centre as standard.

Why choose us?

We are one of the UK’s leading providers in technology-enabled care services, supporting over 70,000 customers, both private and corporate clients, to live longer in their own homes.