Life after a stroke

After Alice's* husband had a stroke, he lost some of his speech and mobility. Since investing in Astraline's services they now have the confidence to live independently in their own home.

Arthur and Alice (aged 77 and 79)*

“Arthur had a stroke last year and has been in and out of hospital and I’ve been looking after him at home. He has lost some of his speech, a little mobility and a lot of his confidence, and it has left us feeling vulnerable.

While we didn’t want to leave our home of 50 years we needed some help. With Astraline I don’t worry about leaving Arthur alone when I go to the shops or out with friends. We’ve had a couple of scares recently when I’ve not been
there and the people at Astraline have been
brilliant to Arthur. He just presses the button and they respond so quickly and calmly and sort everything out including organising an ambulance.

We are so grateful to the Astraline team who are a very professional, it has given us the confidence to carry on with life in our own home.”

*Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of our customers.

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