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Astraline helps you, or your loved ones, stay safer, for longer, in your own home.

By acting before you have had a life changing incident – we will become the positive change in your life. Helping you to stay active in your community, preventing falls, giving you the confidence to go out alone, as well as ensuring you do not wait hours for help when you need it.

The average cost of living in a residential care home is £760 per week*, but with Astraline you can stay in the home you love, with peace of mind from just 74p a day.

*source: https://www.carehome.co.uk/advice/care-home-fees-and-costs-how-much-do-you-pay 

Why choose Astraline?

98% recommend us to a friend**

80,000+ customers supported
by Astraline in the UK

23 years of providing support

We will answer your call in
60 seconds or less*

We provide a 24-hour emergency
call response

We’re quicker than an ambulance with our target to be with you within 45 minutes 
of answering your call***

Choose your digital alarm device

Meet Kate…

“My mum had another fall this morning and it was lovely that Colin arrived very quickly and soon had her back on her feet.

When she fell previously she spent over 6 hours on the floor before the ambulance service passed the call on to you and it was Colin who came then and helped her up. We then signed up with Astraline’s responder service – and what a blessing that we did.

Thank you for being there and please pass on our thanks to Colin, it was so nice to see his friendly face again and we are very, very grateful to him.”

So, how do you get started?

Simply choose your alarm device and the level of support you require and we do the rest. You can be ready to go within a few days.

We offer a selection of alarm devices designed to suit a wide range of personal needs, as well as a brilliant range of products from alarms to clever home sensors that make your home even safer and suit a wide range of personal needs!

Astraline Pebble 
Pendant Alarm

Powered by ZINTouch

Keeping you safe at home and on the go!
The device is always on – allow us to locate you anytime and anywhere. It can also be used to mark safe areas or flag places that could be dangerous and send you alerts.

Use it to talk and listen
The Pebble allows you to speak directly to Astraline.

3-5 day battery life
The Pebble is easy to charge and has a charging cradle for your home and magnetic travel charger included with the device.

Built-in GPS
The alarm receiving centre is able to identify your location and alert next of kin or emergency services to get help straight to you.

Wear it your way
Whether as a key fob, belt clip, or as a necklace pendant by adding a lanyard – you can choose a style that works for that day’s wardrobe.

Astraline Personal
Alarm Watch

Powered by ZINTouch

Keeping you safe at home and on the go!
With an easy access SOS button, the ability to talk directly to Astraline or loved ones, and an easy-click magnetic charger, you are ready to go.

Personalise your watch
The Astraline Watch has a standard 22mm strap meaning you can easily buy additional straps to suit your style.

Built-in sensors
The sensors within your watch also show you the number of steps, how far you’ve travelled and how many calories you’ve burned. It’s so smart!

Built-in GPS
The Astraline Watch GPS receiver takes signals directly from a satellite so we can identify your location and alert your next of kin, or the emergency services, to get help straight to you.

Use it to talk and listen
The Pebble allows you to speak directly to Astraline.

Astraline Personal 

Powered by Chiptech

A modern, digital personal alarm
When help is needed at any time of the day or night, press and hold the personal help button on the pendant and count to three. 

Long life battery
The built-in battery provides up to 70 hours of power in the event of a power cut to the device. 

Wide range
The pendant can communicate with the base station up to a distance of 300m. 

Dual roaming SIM cards
Provides safe communication through its smart platform and dual SIM cards. SEVEN is one of the most resilient digital alarms in the market as the second SIM provides back-up if there is an issue with the first.

Astraline Personal 

Powered by Chiptech

A digital personal alarm that connects to your router
If you need help, press the emergency call button to initiate a call. Designed to keep you safe at home.

Long life battery
By activating the energy saving mode the battery life is at least 36 hours.

The pendant can be worn as a watch or worn on a lanyard around the neck. Both supplied.

Two way speech
Exceptional audio quality; microphone pick-up effective even at distance for two way speech.

Responder Service

24/7 In-Person Response Service

What is a Response Call?
Astraline’s mobile responders can attend in person to emergency calls from residents within certain postcodes* with a target response time of 45 minutes.

An emergency call is received
Our trained operators are there 24 hours a day to answer any calls that are received by our alarm receiving centre. If you live within the area that is covered by our mobile responder service and have selected that service, our operators will deploy one of our responders to your address.

Responder is on the way
When our responders are notified that support is required, they aim to be with you within 45 minutes. You will need to have a key safe installed at your property in order to take advantage of this service. Our responders are advanced first aid trained and carry lifting equipment with them, so they are able to provide help as soon as they arrive, including helping you up if you have had a fall. They can also provide a falls assessment, advice and signpost you to additional services as appropriate.

*SK2, SK5, SK6, SK7, SK8, SK9, SK10, SK11, SK12, CW1, CW5, CW9, CW11, WA15, WA16

Welfare Calls

Daily or weekly call from Astraline available from £x per month.

What is a Welfare Call?
As part of our Welfare Calls service, a friendly member of our team will give you, or a loved one, a call to check that everything is ok.

Peace of mind
You may benefit from our Welfare Calls service if you live alone, are worried about a loved one’s safety or would like to receive a friendly call from a member of our team.

Flexibility to suit your needs
This service is separate to our 24-hour monitoring service, and consists of a daily or weekly call from our Astraline team. We will call to check that everything is ok, ask how your day is going, remind you about taking medicines and ask whether you require any additional support.

Living life independently

Whether you are buying for yourself or a loved one, we can help!

If you need some further information before taking the next step, then call the friendly Astraline team on 01625 466681, email sales@astraline.co.uk and we’ll arrange a call back.

Astraline Welfare Calls

For help choosing the right product, simply complete our needs assessment form. https://www.astraline.co.uk/needs-assessment/

**source: customer satisfaction survey, dated Sept 23
***Category 4: A non-urgent problem, such as stable clinical cases, which requires transportation to a hospital ward or clinic. 90% of ambulances should arrive within 3 hours.