Innovation as a service

We understand that organisations will be at different stages of their digital journey.

What do we offer?

As one of the UK’s leading providers in technology-enabled care services we can offer consultancy support to help you upgrade your analogue infrastructure to a digital network. Astraline’s digital platform is available as a test bed for Local Authorities, Housing Associations and care providers seeking to evaluate digital technology. Our rigorous process facilitates decision making based on reliability, value for money and functionality of new technology. This ‘test and learn’ approach means we can provide you with an honest and independent view on how ready your infrastructure is for the digital switch and support you to take the next steps.

Actively helping our partners to prepare for the digital switch and showcasing how we have developed plans and built budgets.

Committed to maintaining an open approach, along with a time-limited Lifeboat Service during the transition towards 2025.

Create a project plan to shape your digital transformation journey. Combining all aspects of technology, process and people, into a comprehensive, affordable plan.

Expert advice and efficient, cost-effective solutions for your customers based on over 20 years experience.

Personal Alarms from Astraline

How can we help?

The move to digital can be daunting for any organisation. You may be well on your way, but if you still find yourself asking...

1. Is this relevant to us?
2. What is involved?
3. How much will this cost?
4. What are the risks?
5. How can this benefit both our business and customers?

We can help. The process we will take you through will help you answer these questions and support you in implementing a solution that’s right for you, your business and your customers.


Did you know that Astraline is able to host monitoring centre customers using Astraline’s own UMO monitoring platform from Enovation?

This allows monitoring service providers to use their own staff to monitor alarms on days and times of their choosing. For example, on a planned basis, this could be offering a local monitoring service during weekdays and utilising Astraline’s 24/7 monitoring team to cover nights and weekends, or to use Astraline’s team to cover periods when the customer’s staff are receiving training sessions or in meetings. On an unplanned basis, the Astraline team of operators can step in automatically to cover Disaster Recovery situations or incidents such as staff sickness.

Monitoring centre customers can securely access Astraline’s UMO monitoring platform from any workstation connected to the internet, and using any telephone (including mobile, landline, IP phones and softphones) to receive calls. Multi factor authentication is used to provide secure access.

Data is segregated within the Astraline UMO database, allowing monitoring centres to manage their own data, run reports and provide their own call handling services, whilst ensuring that other Astraline hosted customers cannot view or access information that does not belong to them.

The UMO platform is hosted by Enovation in Microsoft Azure, from multiple zones located in the UK, providing a highly resilient and highly available service. Telephony is provided through digital SIP trunks to handle alarm calls from both analogue and digital telecare devices. If a SIP trunk service or UMO service should develop a fault, the system automatically uses backup services from an alternative zone.

Existing telephone numbers for monitoring centre services can be ported to the SIP trunks used with UMO, allowing centres to keep the numbers programmed into their alarm devices and avoiding reprogramming. Even local exchange analogue PSTN numbers can be ported!

Data can be imported into UMO from other alarm monitoring platforms, making an easy transition from your own 24/7 monitoring service to the utilisation of a fully supported, hosted monitoring service from Astraline. Full training can be provided for monitoring centre customers from a team of Astraline and Enovation trainers: call handling in UMO is highly intuitive and easy to use, and operators are supported with manuals and videos which demonstrate how best to operate the UMO monitoring platform.


We are proud to be accredited by the TSA and certified by the Quality Standards Framework (QSF), which recognises our commitment to provide safe, reliable and affordable services to our customers.

Our promise

We want you to be happy with the services you receive, so we created our customer promise to reinforce our ongoing commitment to providing outstanding customer service and technology-enabled care products.

Our partners

By working with Astraline, your business will help make the lives of older and vulnerable people better.

Nathan Downing, TSA – Head of Advisory Services

Astraline are able to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in not only providing a robust, innovative service that is certified to the 'Quality Standards Framework', but also in providing clear, independent advice to housing organisations to help steer a path through the analogue to digital transition.

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