Staying fit and healthy

Graham* wants to stay active but he often worries about his health. Our digital devices, with GPS technology, gives him the confidence to explore the great outdoors and keep doing what he loves.

Graham (aged 71)*

“I have a great family who live near me and lovely neighbours. I love to travel, swim, and do long walks. As I’ve got older, I’ve been worrying a little more about my health and I know my family worry about me too but I don’t want to change my lifestyle.

Having 24-hour support from Astraline at the touch of a button gives me and my family the peace of mind that I can summon help easily wherever I am. If I do need help, this smart little device knows exactly where I am, whether I’m at home, on the bus, or at the top of a hill. It can pinpoint my exact location. It costs me less than a couple of gin and tonics each week and gives me so much more confidence.”

*Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of our customers.

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