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Take a look at the products we have to offer! From personal alarms to pull-cords, there is a product for everyone.

  • Pull Cord
    Pull Cord

    The Pull Cord, from Astraline, can be strategically placed around your home giving you extra peace of mind that you can call for help in an emergency.

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  • Radar Band
    Radar Band

    The Radar Band is suitable for individuals with dementia, Alzheimer's or learning difficulties. Each band has a unique reference code, and our emergency response number, so they can be identified by our team if they are found far away from home.

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  • Smartwatcher (Essence)
    Smartwatcher (Essence)

    Whether you are at home, heading to the shops, out for lunch or going to visit family, the Smartwatcher encourages you to have more independence in your day to day activities, both at home and out and about.

    £15.50 per month
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  • Smoke Detector
    Smoke Detector

    Our smoke alarms will automatically sound an alarm in your home and send an alert to our emergency response centre if it detects smoke.

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We understand that not everybody is the same and as a result, we offer a wide variety of products and services to fit different lifestyles and needs.

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