Technology-enabled care services

Technology-enabled care is a service that supports people to live independently; offering peace of mind and security for users and their families.

Technology-enabled care offers users a reliable 24-hour monitoring service which alerts a response centre, emergency services, family member or named carer if they fall, become unwell or need urgent medical assistance.

Astraline will provide your customers with a digital device, such as a personal alarm, which will automatically connect to our UK based emergency response centre if they need help.

Once an alert has been raised our team will quickly arrange suitable care for the user, whether that be to call for an ambulance, medical professional or simply to contact a family member or friend.

Technology-enabled care services can help people who are:

  • at risk of falling
  • are worried about their safety and live alone
  • living far away from friends and family
  • living with a long or short term health condition
  • living with dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • recovering from surgery

Frequently asked questions...

When your personal alarm is activated, it automatically connects to a member of our team, at our UK based emergency response centre. Depending on the situation, our team will then arrange the appropriate help. This could be notifying a family member or alerting the emergency services.

Our team are professionals and will quickly realise that you are unable to speak to them. Our team will contact the emergency services or one of your nominated contacts.

No. Our services are for anybody who wants the reassurance that help is at hand 24 hours a day. It may be that you have a long-term health condition, or disability, and Astraline will give you the confidence to go about your daily life knowing that help is at hand if ever you need it.

Products to consider...

  • Pull Cord
    Pull Cord

    The Pull Cord, from Astraline, can be strategically placed around your home giving you extra peace of mind that you can call for help in an emergency.

    See product details
  • Chair Sensor
    Chair Sensor

    Astraline offer a wide range of pressure mats which can be positioned under a carpet, rug, chair or bed.

    See product details
  • Bed Sensor
    Bed Sensor

    Available in small (740 x 250mm) and large (740 x 400mm). We offer a wide range of pressure mats which can be positioned under a carpet, rug or bed.

    £30 per month
    See product details
  • Smoke Detector
    Smoke Detector

    Our smoke alarms will automatically sound an alarm in your home and send an alert to our emergency response centre if it detects smoke.

    See product details
  • Pearl Pendant
    Pearl Pendant

    Connected to your base unit, when you press the button on the pendant, a notification is sent through to our Alarm Receiving Centre.

    See product details
  • Bed / Chair Sensor
    Bed / Chair Sensor

    Astraline offer a wide range of pressure mats which can be positioned under a carpet, rug, chair or bed.

    See product details
  • Pill Dispenser
    Pill Dispenser

    The Advance pill dispenser will sound an alarm to remind you to take your medication. Holds up to 28 doses

    See product details
  • Fall Detector
    Fall Detector

    This clever device which is worn around the wrist will automatically alert Astraline if you have fallen.

    See product details
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    Alternatively ring our contact number: 0191 209 1783

    Welfare Calls As part of our Welfare Calls service, a friendly member of our team will give you, or a loved one, a call to check that everything is OK.
    Partnering with Astraline We work with you to deliver reliable and effective telecare solutions to give your customers and their families reassurance that they are safe and well.