Astraline support local communities through newly launched social distancing delivery service

The team knew there was more they could do to help the local community, particularly meeting the demand of new customers needing additional support in their home.

First Published: 20/04/2020

They rapidly came up with the idea of a social distance delivery service. The self-install equipment on offer is easy to set up and requires no face to face contact with others. The team available over the phone can talk anyone through the install, should they encounter any problems. The equipment is delivered directly to the customer’s home and left outside for them to collect.

Joe McLoughlin, Director of Astraline and Innovation at Astraline, says “We have always been passionate about the personal and caring way we deliver our services. Priding ourselves on how we adapt and offer flexibility and choice for our customers, day in, day out will always be our number one priority. We wanted to ensure that we were doing our bit in helping local people, at a time when communities coming together and supporting one another has never been more important.”

Joe then added “Adapting our local TEC responder service to allow them to deliver equipment with no contact with the customer is something we’ve never done, but we believe that this offer is a vital service. It ensures we are doing all we can to help local people and their families get the extra reassurance and peace of mind that they are looking for during these uncertain times.”

If you would like to learn more, call 0345 217 0721 or email

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