The Analogue to Digital Switch

Over 1.7 million people use personal alarms and alarm answering services in the UK. The majority of these services rely on the traditional copper wire BT phone lines. These will switch off in 2025 & your alarm will stop working correctly.

Benefits of Digital


Always connected - notifies us of any loss of contact.


More reliable than current BT landlines.


Improved speed of connection - average 10 x faster.


Easier to install and adapt to change

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Overview from the TSA - our industry body

What has happened so far?

Phone lines are already being moved to digital, and the switch off will also see Openreach no longer providing new analogue products in 118 exchange areas from this year, effectively accelerating the migration of traditional phone services to digital equivalents.

BT Openreach on the Digital Switch

Getting ready for digital phone lines for your home or business

WHICH on the Digital Switch

Digital Voice and the landline phone switch-off: what it means for you.


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What do I need to do?

If your current analogue personal alarm relies on the existing BT lines, the analogue to digital telephone transition will affect the services provided to you. Analogue devices will become less reliable & ultimately cease to function. Act now to switch, stay safe and enjoy the benefits of digital. Astraline can help you upgrade your equipment to digital with no service interruption at low cost.

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