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We are Astraline; a partnership for living. Astraline was launched to provide customer-led, flexible safety services through its call monitoring centre. Our vision is to be a leading specialist provider of caring, responsive and reliable services, providing reassurance to individuals, families and organisations, in order to help people maintain their independence by ‘Living Longer, Living Better’.


The “HUB”

Our monitoring Centre is based at our Head Office in Poynton, Cheshire. We believe that it is the “HUB” to deliver technology enabled care (TEC) and safety critical services. The Astraline call centre is staffed to cope with the monitoring needs for over 100 organisations. Staffing arrangements are designed to cover differing call volumes throughout the time of cover. All staff are trained to deal with all partners and the diverse nature of the calls. We take pride in treating each person with kindness, respect and understanding. Rosters are planned many weeks in advance; current and historical call volumes are assessed to establish what levels of cover will be required. Our flexible bank of staff are available at short notice to come in or work remotely or at home for immediate cover as needed. As a trusted provider Astraline’s turn-key solution is designed to meet all your telecare, out of hours response and lone worker needs.

Solid project management and consultative approach

We have a proven track record of assisting organisations to design and implement services and take a tailored Prince2 approach to our delivery. Through contracting with us we look at your customers and make recommendations based on their particular needs around in home and out of home telecare and we design a package tailored to their individual needs. We can support safer walking for those with dementia and travel training for young people with Dementia.

Disaster recovery and robust business continuity

We have in place a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery process. UMO, our call monitoring platform, works to a 99.99% availability, operates in accordance with the British Standard BS8521 and provides us with unequalled open platform flexibility. We carry out an end to end test twice yearly in line with TSA requirements and audited annually by them.

Future proofing the service – the journey to digital

We have a rapidly expanding digital telecare and telehealth offer and the requisite experience, knowledge and skills to grow our service as your needs change. We are also putting in place the ability to monitor any number of Telecare and Telehealth connections. Our market leading work with Session Internet Protocol (SIP) and Internet Protocol (IP) was recognised nationally. We were finalists for innovation at the 2016 Telecare Services Association Crystal Awards. Our move to a fully digital and cloud based infrastructure away from physical phone lines creates  a future-proof solution and provides -

  • faster connections speeds
  • better call management and routing
  • more flexibility in how we deliver our services
  • issue resolution ‘over the air’

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