Astraline is now supporting and working with The Herbert Protocol

Next of kin or carers can complete a form capturing useful information about a vulnerable person who may be at risk or wandering or getting lost.

First Published: 21/05/2018

In the event the person cannot be located, officer’s resources can be better used to try to find the person faster and get them to safety.

  • Favourite shops, hairdressers, pubs or cafes
  • Areas they walk (or used to walk) their dog
  • Addresses or meeting places of close family of friends
  • Burial places of significance
  • Doctors, dentists, hospitals and any other medical centres they attend
  • Public transport routes they use (or have been familiar with in the past)
  • Places they have worked or volunteered at
  • A recent picture of the individual for easy identification purposes

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know all of these details, as much information as possible can be collected including

Don’t worry if you don’t live in Cheshire East, they will be able to signpost you to your local service.

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