JJHT host Norwegian Government Visit

Johnnie Johnson Housing showcases their heritage, progress and aspirations for the future as they host a number of representatives from the Norwegian Directorate of Health and Private Sector during North West Visit.

First Published: 27/04/2016

In collaboration with TSA, the largest industry body for Technology Enabled Care, (, JJHT hosted a session for 13 representatives from across Norway with the delegates representing both the private sector and the equivalent of Local Government in Norway, known as municipalities.

The main focus of the session was to ‘open the doors’ of Johnnie Johnson’s contact centre, Astraline, as well as providing an opportunity to share best practice and discuss future developments within the sector.

Presentations focused on how Astraline utilises the TSA Standards Framework audit and accreditation process to drive improvement and efficiencies in the contact centre and their ability to have complete flexibility in the kit and equipment they monitor for their clients and how this will enable the Trust to rapidly increase the rate at which the range and choice of assistive technology can become readily available to their own residents to aid independent living.

Paul Dolan, CEO of JJH, said: “We were delighted to host the visit on behalf of the TSA. The team at JJH have been through an immense period of change over the past two years and with the recent regulatory upgrade, it was the perfect time to show how far we’ve come in such a short space of time and share our aspirations and exciting developments for the future. Thank you to the TSA for asking us to host, we are always keen to share best practice across the sector and look forward to ‘opening our doors’ more in the future”

Paul Finch, Business Relationship Manager at TSA, said: “Thank you to the team at JJH for hosting such an informative and engaging session. Our guests from Norway were able to get a real sense of how a UK contact centre operates. We were privileged to have an ‘access all areas’ pass to the Astraline centre, where the staff were incredibly welcoming and extremely keen to demonstrate the amazing work they do. The delegates spoke to operators and had the opportunity to quiz them on the systems they use and the challenges they face on a daily basis. It was a great day had by all.”

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