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Coronavirus, latest update

Communications Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We continue to plan our ongoing approach to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to mitigate where possible the impact the outbreak may have on the delivery of our services, as well as keeping our people and residents safe and well. Astraline are confident that we have correct procedure in place to minimise any impact the outbreak of Coronavirus may cause.

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Alicia is keeping her independence, thanks to Astraline's Radar Band

Alicia - Astraline's Radar Band customer After 10 years living at a Johnnie Johnson Housing independent living scheme in Manchester, Alicia wasn’t ready to move out of her home when her memory started to decline. Now with an Astraline Radar ID band she continues to live a happy and independent life at home.

"My mother is fiercely independent and we were so concerned that she would have to leave the scheme to move to a more supported housing alternative. We jumped at the chance to trial the Radar Band and now I have confidence that Mum is much safer when she goes out for her daily walks."

Neil - Alicia's son 

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Astraline expands to take on Peaks & Plains Housing Trust’s private telecare customers

Astraline logo Astraline has completed a deal to acquire the award-winning TrustLink service from Macclesfield-based housing trust Peaks & Plains.

Assistant Director, Astraline and Innovation Joe McLoughlin said, “We are absolutely delighted to have been successful in this deal – it’s an exciting enhancement to our existing services across the Cheshire East region. We have ambitious aspirations here at Astraline and believe that acquiring such a fantastic service is a key milestone in our growth and service development plans.”

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Head of Independent Living Tricia Grierson was part of a team who were personally invited to present their idea to Prime Minister Theresa May

Tricia Grierson meets Theresa May Not just your average day at the office then!

Tricia is currently seconded to the 'Adapting with Age' project. This pioneering initiative is looking at how we can support people who – even though they may be growing older – don’t want to be made to feel elderly by their surroundings.

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Astraline's Joe McLoughlin named on the Inside Housing Tech Leader List 2018

Joe McLoughlin We are delighted that Joe McLoughlin has today been named on the Inside Housing Tech Leader List 2018.

The work of Joe and the Astraline team has been noted as making 'great strides in digital transformation for customers'. In particular our joint project with GSPK Design and the Centre for Assistive Technology at the University of Sheffield to develop a prototype sensor to assess walking speed - a primary indicator of frailty.

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