Reducing the risks associated with frailty in our customers

In order to further support our customers, particularly those who are older and infirm and those living with dementia-related illnesses, our TEC team attended a 2.5-hour session which covered how to recognise and deal with a range of issues that can affect the decline in health of older adults.

First Published: 22/07/2019

It included learning how to use the Rockwood Clinical Frailty Scale. The Scale (pictured) helps to identify the different categories of frailty, from mild, moderate and severe frailty, which can be used to help carers and health workers to demonstrate the changes or deterioration in the health of patients, and how best to assist them.

Carol Robertson, Community Specialist Paramedic for NWAS, delivered the training session. She explained why frailty training is so important: “People living with frailty are at increased risk of adverse events, which can lead to hospitalisation or admission to nursing homes. Factors such as falls, undiagnosed sepsis and changes in the patients’ sensory abilities can all lead to difficulties and acute illness.

“So it’s important to recognise those individuals who have rapidly declined so responders can identify how best to help them. Having an awareness of the Rockwood Scale can really help responders to determine the most appropriate onward care.”

Our work with NWAS continues beyond frailty training. We will shortly be starting a three-month pilot to provide a lifting and response service for NWAS for non-injured fallers. We’ll bring you more on a pilot scheme as it launches.

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